Agent Snapshot - Jennifer Thayer

I have been booking vacations for over 6 years now and the thing that remains the same is that people want to make memories with those that are important in their lives. Whether it is a group of friends going for the food and wine festival, a multi generational family celebrating some pretty big birthday milestones, a couple looking for some romance and quality time together I want to help make it happen for you.

From the moment you contact me it will be my job to make sure that your travel needs are met and that you have the most memorable vacation.  I will get to know you and what will make your vacation about you. By a series of questions and planning sessions I will develop for you an itinerary that will be suited to your travel needs.  Let me take the work out of travel so you can enjoy !

As a mom of 3 children, two of them with special needs, I realize that time is valuable for all. I want to make it so your time is spent making memories not worrying about whether dining plans are made, Fast Passes
© are done and where to be to see those magical fireworks over the castle.  Maybe you want to sail the ocean and visit new destinations or visit Universal Studios.  The choices are endless!!!

 When your children look back on their childhood, will they look at the toys you bought them or the memories that you all made as a family ?  If you were to ask  my boys, my son would tell you all about the trip to the Dominican Republic where he saw the ocean for the first time.  My other son would tell you about the drums he played at the Animal kingdom. My daughter was happy as could be playing in the kids club on the cruise ship. I can’t wait to see the next memories with them or with my husband for some quality couple time.

Where do you want to go and let’s make it happen !!! 

Jennifer is a graduate of Disney's College of Knowledge with expertise in all Disney Destinations, a Universal specialist and holds a Master of Adventure certificate from Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.