Photos on this page are credited to the Hawaiian Tourism Authority/Tor Johnson


The don't call it the "Garden Isle" for nothing.  This island blooms from one sparkling shore to the other with spectacular mountain scenery and peaceful beaches.  Small, friendly, historic towns welcome visitors.  Take a helicoptor to see the Napali coast to see the 3,000 foot cliffs or kayak to places like the Fern Grotto, a natural cave surrounded by lush hanging ferns.  Many places of the island can only be reached on foot, by boat or by air so be prepared to be amazed.


Four unique islands to explore...which will you choose?


From the boutiques and beaches of Waikiki to the scenic beauty of the legendary North Shore, Oahu is truly the "heart of Hawaii."  Honolulu's gleaming skyline rises high into the clear blue skies while the multicultural population bustles with Hawaiian heritage taken from a melting pot of cultures that visited the islands long ago.  From the majestic Diamond Head to the sparkling Waikiki beach and from the funky shops of Kapahulu Avenue to the surfing meccas of the North Shore, Oahu is the place where vacation dreams come true.


Transport yourself to a tropical wonderland and experience the magic of Maui.  The second largest Hawaiian island, Maui offers 30 miles of pristine coastline and is the ideal get away fro beach lovers.  The Hana Highway offers a scenic drive through one of Hawaii's last unspoiled frontiers with cascading waterfalls and tropical rainforests.  This island is filled with treasures...a true sanctuary of natural beauty.


The Big Island is known for its fascinating historical sites, funky towns, coffee plantations and active volcanoe.  You can visit National Parks where ancient temples and carved wooden images have been preserved providing a glimpse into traditional Hawaiian culture.  The leeward side of the island is filled with deluxe resorts fit for a king while the interior contains most of the farm country and agriculture.  Some of the world's most spectacular golf courses can be found here and you can visit Volcanoes National Park.