- which dates are the least crowded?
- what hotel would best fit your family and your budget?
- the right kind of park tickets to purchase?
- whether Express Passes make sense for your family (and how to get them for free)?
- which dining plan might fit the needs of your family?
- what attractions you should get up early for and which can wait until later?

- how to get the best price?

With theme park offerings constantly changing, the typical family may be under equipped to answer these questions. Even if you visited Orlando in the last few years, your family, and the theme parks, have changed since then.  

That is why busy families choose the agents of Magical Castle Vacations!  Don't spend hours researching endless options online and getting more frustrated and confused with each click.  As Universal Orlando Resort Specialists (yes, there is such a thing and we have the certificate to prove it), we are ready to provide expert advice that is based on your family and your wish list for the trip.

Let's get started!  Choose any of the links above or call your dream vacation planner at 607-330-1531.

Universal Orlando

Have you ever wondered how some families seem to have it all together on vacation while others seem stressed, tired and overwhelmed?  

The difference is all in the planning. Let us help!